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Senior people meet, that’s true, but sometimes it can be hard to find someone special who you’d like to get to know a bit better. Looking for love when you’re in the 3rd age can be difficult and scary, especially if you haven’t dated anyone besides your partner. This is a great chance to introduce yourself, start over and give love and friendship another chance. Going back to the dating arena can be also frustrating, but you are not alone. After all, your shyness can be the great ice breaker.

First Impression

Whether you’re looking for love or just friendship, offers a safe and friendly environment to make new acquaintances online, with the view of perhaps meeting in person in the future. This website, which is one of the greatest dating websites out there, can give you the opportunity to start an informal conversation that could possibly lead to your next best friendship or love. Do you need more information? Just keep reading this Senior People Meet review.

Design and Functionality

SeniorPeopleMeet is part of the PeopleMedia group, which is owned by, a huge community of people who are looking for dates around the world. Subsequently, you can expect to find a well-organized website in, as well as relevant and useful features for helping you to meet the ideal date.

The website is extremely easy to use and navigate, which means that both people who aren’t that familiar with the ways of the Internet and those who are tech savvy will be able to make the most of the website.

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This website has absolutely everything a dating website should have. To begin with, you can easily construct your own profile page, display pictures of yourself, get messages from other users, watch videos uploaded by other members and upload your own clips, and type and receive messages instantly. Additionally, you can meet members based on their star sign, highlight your profile so that it would stand out, send and receive email-type messages, send flirts to let someone know you like them, create a database of your favorite members, discover who added you to their favorites list, locate other members from around the world, get dating recommendations based on your preferences, access the website on your mobile device, and receive notifications when a message you’ve sent has been read.

While working on this Senior People Meet review, we found out that upgraded members gain several benefits: you can send and receive messages from members, and find out some sneaky information such as when your messages have been read or who has added you to their list of favorite members. This can be good to know, particularly if someone is shy but you can make the first move to break the ice.

Other features include the option to upload videos and talk to other members using a live chat feature. If we were to ask for improvements, then we’d like to see the search engine improved, as well as the way the results were listed. They could also work on offering a few more communication tools to help you get talking to people. The website is easy to use, looks great and is in vivid colors that make browsing easy.


We were happy to see that a good number of the members have uploaded clear, well-taken photos, giving you a good idea of how they look in the flesh. Many members have also taken the time to write a little about themselves and have updated their information so that you learn all about them before chatting. You can also create a list of your favorite members so that you can easily locate them in the future and start chatting whenever you log on. All in all, the people who use this website are honest, decent, friendly folks who are looking for someone to chat, share stories, and spend time with. Not all of them are on the website searching for love, which is not a bad thing as you can meet really amazing people and make friendships for life.

Closing Word

Many of the couples who have found each other via this website are still together in a loving relationship, so it is safe to say that is a relevant website for senior match-making. If you are just looking for friendship or companionship, this website is also ideal for you.

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User Reviews

    [username]Glenn Wheeler[/username] [userreview]Can't get to my profile to update it. Was charged money for something I didn't authorize. Sending me pictures of people who are not members. Not good, want my money back[/userreview] [userstars]1[/userstars]   [username]SeniorDiddie [/username] [userreview] I love me those astrological matches. I know it’s a bunch of bull for some, but I appreciate that somebody remembered to put that in a dating site! [/userreview] [userstars]5[/userstars]   [username]LeslieFromLA [/username] [userreview] Flirting was much more outrageous in my time, but this sending flirts thingy caught my attention. It’s a great way to attract someone’s attention. I am not very forward, so this slow paced atmosphere really agrees with me [/userreview] [userstars]4[/userstars]   [username]Freddie75 [/username] [userreview] I love that someone acknowledged that seniors could use dating sites too. Older people aren’t so keen on going out, so this site is perfect for me. I get to meet women while not moving my sometimes very painful hip. Couldn’t ask for anything more, thanks! [/userreview] [userstars]4[/userstars]   [username]EdLeeson [/username] [userreview] I think this site could be more colorful. I like the different features, and so far the instant match one has proved to be the best. A few times I couldn’t message my match, I don’t know why. When I highlighted my profile, nothing much happened, but it did look better. There’s room for better, but this is good enough as well. [/userreview] [userstars]5[/userstars]   [username]SassySenior [/username] [userreview] It could be my username or the photo of my good side, but I’ve had a lot of interesting matches. If someone told me that I would be using some dating site daily, I would never believe them. Thanks for proving me wrong, I guess. [/userreview] [userstars]3[/userstars]   [username]Charlie66 [/username] [userreview] I just signed up a few days ago, but boy is it fun! So many single ladies, so little time, I better start sending those flirts. [/userreview] [userstars]5[/userstars]