Senior Next Review - UPDATED May. 2024

UPDATED May. 2024

Senior Next is one of the latest senior dating sites around and so far it looks like it’s going to be a good one, so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. It is easy to use, feature-rich, and filled with kind-hearted golden-aged singles looking for friendship, love, and everything in between. 

If all of this is not enough to get you interested, we have another really good reason for you to give Senior Next a try. Recently, its creators have launched an attractive app that allows you to easily access Senior Next on the go. That means that you can now enjoy chatting with your new friends and love interests no matter where you are. 

Keep reading this Senior Next review to discover all the advantages of this friendly senior dating platform.


First Impression

Based on what we saw when we first logged into this dating site for seniors, it’s a serious, unpretentious and functional website that could still use a little improvement, but it’s definitely on the right track. The design is nice, the features work properly and there are no major issues with functionality. The membership base could be a bit bigger but this is a brand new site so it’s still early.

Design and Functionality

The prettiest part of this dating website for seniors is the front page, where you either register or log in. The design is really nice and pleasant, it’s not cluttered and has plenty of pictures of happy-looking seniors to keep the visitors confident. Once you actually enter the site, the design becomes simpler, even minimalist, but it gets the job done. The color palette is pleasant and the logo is very nice.

We were happy to see that all the features on the website, from browsing and messaging to updating account and profile settings, are working properly. Since it’s a dating site for seniors, it was important to keep everything in plain sight so the users don’t get lost or spend too much time looking for basic stuff like an inbox, settings and quick search. All the buttons and fields are where you’d normally expect them to be, so navigating the site is very quick and easy, especially once you complete the registration process.

As far as the novel app goes, it features an equally pleasant and inviting design. It is well-organized and clutter-free, with all the key features readily available and all actions completed in a single tap. It’s extremely easy to create a profile as you just need to write a short bio, check a few boxes and upload a picture. After all, it’s always better to find out everything you want to know about a person by asking them a question. It goes without saying that you can both send a message and chat with other users. And send pictures too.

We would like to single out two really cool features of the Senior Next app. The first one is the Rapid Match system, enabling you to quickly go through a lot of profiles. You can see how it looks on a couple of screenshots below. And the second one is the “Who visited your profile recently” feature. It does what it says it does, displaying a list of people who visited your profile. If you find someone you like on this list, we suggest you send them a like or a flirt to start the conversation. Finally, you can download the Senior Next app for both iOS (iPhone) and Android mobile phones.

Senior Next App
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The most important feature of any dating site is messaging, because that’s how the first steps towards a great friendship, or more, are made. However, in order to start messaging someone, you need to become friends first, and that’s what browsing and search options are for. We are happy to say that these important features work great on It’s incredibly easy to find a person you like and start messaging, and the features are conveniently located center page.

In addition to messaging, you can also use the chat, where you can talk to the users more directly. There is also an option of liking a person and sending them a flirt, which is something like a “poke,” but this feature is reserved for premium users only. Speaking of premium, users who upgrade to this category have the option of seeing who’s viewing their profile, of checking out full-size user photos, using the advanced search, and more.

As for the search, quick search to the right allows you to look for users based on their gender and age, but you can also browse members based on the proximity to your location and other criteria.

senior next members


Senior Next is a place that doesn’t have tons of users just yet, but there is plenty of people to talk to all the time. Women and men are pretty much equally represented, which is always a major plus. The users are active and seem very enthusiastic about meeting people through this dating site. Seniors are rarely trolling so pretty much all the users you’ll find on Senior Next are real life people looking for companionship and love.

Sometimes people open up a profile on a dating site and simply abandon it, without ever coming back or even uploading a photo. It’s not the case with this site, where most users have at least one picture (often more than just one) as well as detailed profiles with information about their interests, background, political and religious views and such. Users also specify what they are there for – dating, companionship or just talking and messaging, which makes it easier for you to find a perfect match.

Closing Word

There are plenty of senior dating sites out there, but if you are looking for a small and growing community of honest, interesting people, this might be the right place for you. Just don’t expect anything crazy or fancy, because everything on this dating site, from features to design, is pretty basic and down to earth.

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User Reviews (7)

Senior Next customer rating based on 7 user reviews.

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  1. Ron | August 31, 2020

    I can’t see the benefits of senior next. Senior silver seems to be ok thus far. I’ve had some fair interaction.

  2. SeniorButAgileJoJo | October 2, 2019

    Still waiting for something to happen date-wise but I can’t complain because I didn’t spend a lot of time here. Who knows, maybe someone actually pops up eventually.

  3. Agnes K54 | June 22, 2019

    I don’t know what you get with premium, but I feel like there aren’t that many useful things to do here. This website is my first attempt at Internet dating so maybe I just don’t know how to use it. Don’t expect any miracles when you come here, you still have to do all the hard work yourself, only it’s easier because no one can see you struggling.

  4. LouTheSiverLover | April 20, 2019

    Not really satisfied, I’ve been here for weeks, and still nothing. I tried the chatrooms, but people just talk there, it’s not fun. That quick search feature isn’t bad, but still, nothing special.

  5. OneAndOnlyEddie | December 20, 2018

    These gals here are actually in the mood to have fun, which is not the case with most women my age. I have only tried messaging and I have to say it has worked fine for me so far.

  6. LovingMilly | May 20, 2018

    The members aren’t online that often, truth be told. Sometimes, when I send a message, they don’t reply for days, which is a real shame.

  7. Brandy Wilkes | February 20, 2017

    Senior Next has astrological matches where you can meet members based on their star sign. I’m a Virgo and it’s well known that they are a best match with Aries!

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