Can Seniors Fall in Love?

Can Seniors Fall in Love

In our ongoing series of articles talking about popular questions we get, it’s time to get a bit romantic. And at the same time, we will try to remain as realistic as possible. The question of can seniors fall in love is definitely a popular one and the answer to it is rather simple. Yes, seniors can fall in love and, in fact, they do so much more than their younger peers. The first thing we want you to do is to try and think of a time when you were very young and fell in love for the first time. People often say that you cannot forget your first love and that saying is in part true.

So, if you can fall in love as a young boy or a girl, you can definitely fall in love as an older man or a woman. That’s simply how our brains work. You could argue that the love you feel toward someone as a senior is much more profound and consuming than the love you feel when you’re younger. You’re already a fully formed individual with a lot of life experience. You know what you like and what you don’t like. So, when you fall in love as a senior, you fall in love with both your heart and your brain.

And what’s best of all, so will your partner. You learn to fully appreciate both the little and big things. And you especially appreciate the companionship. We all know that seniors oftentimes feel lonely. This is a consequence of the way our society treats them. Despite all of our progress, we still see that our society is having trouble relating to its seniors. The problems are compounded when you add work, money, and other issues. We have recognized this issue and are actively trying to fix it but the progress is slow.

And now it’s time to talk about the big D. First of all, death is an essential part of life and something we simply cannot avoid. Such is our fate and we must accept it. However, the death of a loved one or a partner can make you bitter, lonely, and oftentimes desperate. You don’t see how anyone else could fill that void you undoubtedly feel in your heart. And that void is real as are your emotions. If you lost your husband or wife, you will never be able to find someone who’s like them. What will you be able to find though, is someone who’s different and who can help you get through this difficult period of life.

Perhaps someone who felt the same loss as you did and who can relate to the pain and grief you’re feeling. You will be able to form a connection with that person, that human being and that’s all you need to do. What happens afterward is something you have no control over. You may fall in love or you may not. However, it is definitely possible to find love again after the passing of your partner. There’s a theory we would like to discuss with you that’s especially important to all of those who have suffered such terrible losses.

It explains that at each point of our lives, we’re actually different people. People who, if they could meet, would think that they’re completely different people. The best analogy we can use to describe it is a generational one. Your parents gave you life and passed on to you their genes and love. And that love was unconditional. They did everything they could to help you in your journey through life. This is how you should think of your current situation. You’re now actively helping the future you to have a better life than you’re having right at this moment.

Apart from death, there are two more things that are certain in this life. The first one is change. Your life is constantly changing. Just think about your childhood again and notice how different life is now. That change is not negative or positive in itself. It’s what you do with it that gives it meaning. Such is the nature of our existence. The second thing that’s inevitable is love. You cannot help it and you cannot fight it. And the very act of falling in love is beautiful.

People fall in love with not just other people but with concepts, jobs, objects and many other things. However, nothing can replace that feeling of falling in love with another person. And, as we already said, it’s never too late to find love. With the invention of the Internet, you don’t have to leave your room to make meaningful connection with other seniors around the world. So, take this opportunity and just try how this whole thing feels. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love in next couple of hours. And the future you is going to be eternally grateful to you for giving him or her that opportunity.

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