How To Be Special When You’re Over 50

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When you’re over 50 and dating, you must realize that just because you may be alone, or single, doesn’t mean that you have to look alone. Standing out doesn’t require the company and validation of numerous other single men and women. That is just an epic misconception. To stand out among a group of women can be difficult especially when you want the attention of one particular man, however now you can stand out because we’ve got the answers.

How to stand out when you’re over 50 and a single:

  1. Instead of joining selective groups at events- avoid the groups. Sometimes women gravitate toward other females, because they are females, and because conversation may be more interesting and comforting. However, as single women over 40, women are better off alone in their own company. The same idea applies to men. Keep your distance and avoid being a part of the group, and allow yourself to stand out.
  2. Stand by the bar. There’s nothing wrong with talking to the bartender. Start a conversation with someone else, like the bartender. Whatever you do, just don’t look like a Debbie Downer. You want to look like you are having a good time, socialize and you will have a better time talking to the bartender then you will when you join a group of gals.
  3. Don’t surround yourself with negative people. Sometimes being around negative people can instantly get you labeled negative. Therefore, even if you’ve never met this crowd of people before, you are better off meeting someone on your own.
  4. Stand without your phone. Just because your alone doesn’t mean your phone needs to keep you company. Keep your head up high and your eyes up. Don’t be afraid to hold a drink, look up and simply smile.
  5. Don’t stare at other people. Just because you are not a part of the crowd doesn’t mean that you need to stand away from it. That’s why you need to own standing apart, and alone. Why? Because believe it or not, now you’re getting the attention of both men and women. So, be prepared for men and women to come up to you. The best thing for you to do is be kind, but to also stand your ground . . . solo. Once someone approaches you, whoever it is, smile and enjoy their company!

In conclusion, standing in solitude at a party, essentially makes you stand out more. You don’t need to sit with a group of girls to stand out at a party when you’re over 50.  Try to stand out more at a party, by walking around and avoid sitting with a negative crowd, and catch the attention of a man or woman. Talk to other people at a party. The bartender, or just random people who happen to pass you, but keep smiling, and you’ll see that by standing alone you will essentially stand out in a group of woman.

Keep that in mind that confidence exudes and makes you stand out, and you will be more approachable because you will have fewer people around you and men will not feel as intimidated to approach you. So remember, next time you go out to a party, try standing out by standing aside, stand alone, and standing your own ground, and soon you’ll be sitting with someone special.

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