How To Get Over Getting Older

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Everyone feels like they will be young forever when they are in their teens and twenties; just the idea of growing older, and having mature relationships is a faint thought, but it happens to us all. Nowadays, the word old is thrown around with a negative connotation, and is something no one wants to be associated with. However, being older doesn’t mean you can’t be fun, exciting, and filled with life.

So, at what age is it that we are considered old? That is a question only you yourself can answer, because age is just a number. You can act and feel as young as you want, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with learning new things. Dating and meeting new people isn’t just for younger folk, as senior dating has taken off. Still, the stigma persists, and the thought of being an older individual may not only hurt our self-confidence, but our relationships as well.

Here are a few misconceptions about old age and how you can get over being older:

  1. You’re boring

Being older and labeled as boring is normal nowadays. The older someone gets the more set in their daily routine they are. That doesn’t mean an older individual isn’t up for having any fun. Plenty of healthy years still exist past the age of 50, and just sitting and waiting for time to pass by is not realistic for happiness as you get older.

  1. You’re personality changes

It is true that everyone matures as they get older, but you can still be young at heart and enjoy all the things you enjoyed as a youth. Celebrate every year that comes as though it is your last, and realize it isn’t your personality that is changing, but it is all the knowledge you are acquiring that is making you who you are.

  1. Not interested in learning new things

You aren’t living life if you aren’t learning something new every day. In order to get over being older, you have to open yourself up to new experiences. This should be much easier to do as you age because you’ll have fewer obligations with your career and more time to explore what the world has to offer. Learn a new language, take a trip to an exotic location, or meet new people. Maybe you should take an Internet course, or become a writer.

  1. Not sexually active

Being sexually active is a very healthy thing to be as you get older, and you should not feel any shame in doing so. According to a study, older Americans remain sexually active beyond their 50s into their mid-80s. Dating over 50 and having intimate relationships aren’t reserved for the younger generation, and is more common than rushing straight for marriage at that age.

Now is not the time to think about being old, but rather all the life you have ahead of you. If you’re single and looking, there are plenty of places for seniors to meet and date online and offline. Don’t label yourself as old and go out and find happiness for yourself. We are all ready and willing to learn something new every day!

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